Finding Peace

Journal Entry 5/15/15

If there were only one way to tell a story, or only one way to say something, we wouldn't have artists or writers - they wouldn't exist. I don't believe that this statement is just for writing & just for art. If we step back for a moment, & look around at the world, every person is able to create their own story. Do not be fooled by what you think you should believe or how you think you should live because of someone else's belief. But, do not neglect to see their beliefs, either. Keeping an open mind gives us perspective. 

Sometimes we have to check back in with ourselves, & re-think our path. If we hold too many expectations, we will find disappointment.  We must ask ourselves questions, &figure out if what we believe is still what we believe, and "WHY?"


My life, by no means, has not turned out in any way I imagined. And sometimes you have to accept that, and re-organize your expectations. Then, in that moment, you will find your peace. Throughout our lifetime, I think everyone obtains peace by finding three general things: (1) happiness, (2) love, and (3) a sense of freedom.